New Patient Experience

Evaluation and treatment are often possible on the same day

What to expect

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Warm Welcome

Our friendly team will greet you and ensure you and your baby feel comfortable and at ease from the moment you arrive.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Dr. Patel will conduct a thorough and kind assessment of your baby to understand their unique needs. We’ll diagnose any oral restrictions, discuss the procedure, and outline exactly what to expect.

Immediate Treatment Options

In many cases, we can perform the evaluation and procedure during the same visit. We provide a separate nursery for you to wait in and have a post-procedure nursing session.

Personalized Care Plan

Based on the evaluation, we’ll discuss aftercare instructions and create a personalized care plan, ensuring you’re informed and confident about the future.

Our care goes further

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No need to wait for months—we prioritize timely care, ensuring we see babies as young as 1 week old.

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A release is just one piece of the puzzle. Our compassionate and loving team offers complete support.

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From gentle newborn care to a dedicated family nursery, we anticipate and meet your every need.

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At Nurturing Ties, we speak your language, literally! Our support is as diverse as your needs, with multilingual assistance in English, Spanish, Hindi, and Gujarati.

Our Payment Solutions

Ensuring your baby receives the care they need is our priority. At Nurturing Ties, we offer a range of flexible payment options to make our services accessible.

  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • Checks
  • CareCredit

We help bill your insurance

While we assist in processing your insurance claims, it’s essential to note that our practice operates on a fee-for-service basis. Payment will be processed at the time of your visit.

This approach ensures that your child’s well-being remains our top priority, allowing us to deliver the prompt and dedicated care they deserve.

Collaborative care for your breastfeeding journey

At Nurturing Ties, your family's well-being is our top priority. We’re dedicated to providing collaborative care that caters to your specific needs.

Family nursery & nursing area: Relax in our separate nursery, where your family can wait comfortably, and you can have a peaceful post-procedure nursing session with your baby.
Collaboration with other providers: We’re committed to seamless collaboration with other healthcare providers, ensuring comprehensive care for both you and your baby.

Tailored comfort and support: Throughout your baby's treatment, we’re here to support you and offer practical solutions to enhance your experience.

Post-operative parental collaboration: We actively involve you in the post-op care process. This dedicated support aims to empower and assist you during the recovery phase, ensuring an easy transition and an effective nursing journey.

Your unique experience matters! We’re ready to help you make it as smooth as possible.

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